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Dondrea Erauw -

The Guild Of Music Supervisors 

"Montgomery Sound was a dream to work with!

Liam and Daniel took every effort to make sure our week-long digital conference went smoothly.

Not only did they set up a couple of calls before the event to make sure we were all on the same page, but they checked in regularly to make sure we were comfortable. 

They knew exactly what we were going for and executed our vision effectively. 

After each session, they debriefed by calling us to see if we were satisfied or if any changes needed to be made. They were extremely communicative, which was very appreciated.

They went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met and I couldn’t recommend them more. 

Truly a lovely, kind and hardworking team. I would definitely hire them again.

A super professional, experienced and knowledgable team.

Thanks guys!"

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We are a team of mobilized, adaptable, and passionate livestream engineers. Inspired and ready to rise to the challenge of a virtual event world, Montgomery Sound Streaming Co. is proud to help improve your remote communication, allowing your audience and staff to truly connect from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


When you hire Montgomery Sound Streaming Co. for your event, you are not just getting talented and dedicated livestream engineers; you are tapping into a national collective of incredible producers, production managers, artists, and creatives. We know how to deliver your content, and we know how to keep your attention because we have been delivering amazing productions in event spaces, theatres, and concert halls for our entire careers.


We are the new behind the scenes of events in Canada.



Virtual Conferences

- We provide you with access to our custom and reliable Virtual Event Platforms to host your event and register your attendees. We also accommodate your own platforms, so feel free to bring your own!

- Livestream pre-recorded and live talks in real time to your guests so that your Q/A session flows as smoothly as it does in a real room


- Zoom, Skype, Teams or Bluejeans management - We will pre-record or livestream your talks, advance your powerpoint, and use our systems to bring your presenters to your audience in HD, no more fuzzy video.

-  We offer shippable sound, video and lighting packages so that your remote speakers look as good as they can right from their home or office.

AGMs and Zoom Meeting Management

- We are the AGM Experts

- We have helped dozens of  Corporations and Not for Profits produce their Annual General Meetings 

- We hack Zoom to produce the most engaging and accessible virtual meeting experience possible. 

Hybrid Events

- Invite us to your live meeting, and we will bring all of the equipment necessary broadcast your event to your offsite staff and audiences

- We can seamlessly bring in remote presenters to your live meeting so your virtual and live socially distanced audience will feel like they are right in the room with you



IAFP Symposium picture

IAFP Symposium 2020

In September of 2020 we were asked to produce the Virtual 2020 IAFP Symposium featuring over 30 presenters and 400 attendees over 3 days on the new Socio Virtual Events platform.


We were tasked with creating custom graphics overlays, and developing a plan to bridge the existing pre-recorded talks with live Q/A to stream to an embedded 1080p stream within the Socio platform.


We implemented Skype over NDI to deliver 1080p customized streams that far surpassed Zoom in audio and video quality. However, we were flexible and utilized Zoom for the presenters who were locked out of Skype by firewall.


In addition to the plenary session stream, we consulted and helped our client produce 6 Zoom Webinars per day, and host a speed pitch sponsor session that utilized 19 concurrent Zoom Rooms.

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 3.33.13 PM.png

Cheech and Chong

420 Sesh

In April of 2020, we were asked to help produce the Cheech and Chong Epic 420 Sesh.


The show was designed to bring 25 celebrity 420 enthusiasts into a Zoom Room together, and stream the production with branding in support of the new East Side Games Mobile Game release, Cheech and Chong Bud Farm. We worked with the PR firm, Dank City to facilitate the Zoom call, and were thrilled to be able conference with Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Craig Robinson, Seth Green, Danny McBride, Jaleel White, Kevin Smith, Wilmer Valderrama and many more.


The show was an absolute success. It promoted the game and it encouraged the virtual audience to stay at home and watch the stream, instead of taking to the street and partying at 4:20pm at the height of the first wave of Covid-19.



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